AT&T tops in wireless customer care satisfaction — JD Power

Look out, AT&T is making some serious headway in the mobile space. Not only do they own the fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network, but they are also tops in wireless customer care. According to the latest JD Power report, AT&T has earned the highest marks in the industry.


Scoring particularly well in walk-in and online contact channels, AT&T topped the other carriers in 4 of the 5 areas surveyed. Not only is AT&T  number one in overall rankings, but they pulled in the highest score by any carrier over the previous three studies. While Verizon also scored higher than the industry average, Sprint and T-Mobile were under the base score.


The  report polled 7,373 wireless subscribers over a six-month period which just ended in June 2013. In terms of non-contract carriers, MetroPCS earned the highest marks in J.D. Power’s report.

JD Power via GigaOm

  • Tyler Durden

    Verizon must be crying. Those idiots need to wake up. After being at the top for so long the only direction Verizon could go is down and it is showing. AT&T has started to catch up and coupled with their LTE rollout, GSM network (good for unlocked devices), and a crap load of exclusive device launches they’re starting to look more appealing than Verizon.

    • techguy378

      Their 3G network is still too crowded. A real shame for Google’s flagship Nexus 4 phone. I switched to T-Mobile and haven’t had a single timeout error with any app that accesses the internet. This happened a lot on Facebook with AT&T.

      • Tyler Durden

        A lot of users are still on the iPhone 4 and 4s. So until they upgrade then it will continue to be crowded. However, once they upgrade then it will put another major strain on the LTE bands. I agree about T-Mo. After they refarmed their 1900MHz spectrum in our city their speeds have been phenomenal. More consistent and usually faster than Verizon LTE. Only reason I’m not with them is because I occasionally go out to the boonies and need service to work.

    • JayQ330

      This is probably the first time in years that at&t came out on top for customer service , the please believe that Verizon’s lte is superior than at&t’s because unlike attached Verizon is truly main wide and most phones are using lte for data & like you said, it’s known that most att users are on there hspa+ data because their mostly iPhone fans that are still on the iPhone 4. In NYC subways when going to work I see 1 iPhone 5 for every 10 iPhone 4’s, I think we’ll see how well their lte network is when iPhone 5s is released & most iPhone 4 users could use their upgrades, which will use lte & secondly actuary be nation wide like big red… But still at&t posts shit for exclusivity; being the only ones with motto X colors! That’s BS & Google should of shown the public that they can’t be bought… Seems like they’re money hoes like most the others.

      • Tyler Durden

        AT&T exclusivity does suck. Couple years back Verizon had the best devices (at least when it came to Android). Now AT&T is leading the pack with exclusive device launches from Samsung, HTC, and Nokia. I’m not sure what happened to Verizon to let them cut down their device launches. All they have to show for thus far is just the Galaxy S4 and the Lumia 928. Blackberry is old news and their new Droid lineup (meh if you ask me) has yet to be released.

        • JayQ330

          ,Right about the droid, especially when put next to motto x. Still I think if your charging for services that are free.. Let’s day like visual voicemail for around $4 on your alreadycrazy it makes me not even want to look there way so there gimmick is exclusivity, it works though as far as I see, but not for me.

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