Google Play Edition of Moto X is coming

Google Play Edition of Moto X is coming

Even though the newly announced Moto X smartphone runs a nearly stock Android experience, it’s still not the same thing as a pure Google build of Android. Suffice it to say, even though you’ll find relatively little “Motorola” on the Moto X you are still going to run into plenty of carrier touches. You know what we’re talking about here, pre-loaded value-added apps for navigation, carrier accounts, music, apps, and more. Bloatware, for lack of a better term.

Those purists who want the Moto X with a stock Android build are going to have their wish granted – eventually. A Google Play version of the Moto X is expected at some point however the details remain a little shady. Reportedly, the 16GB model will be the only one offered for now; no customization features are being talked about. Essentially, it’s the stock Android Moto X which will see direct software updates without running through a carrier.

Presumably this model is also unlocked and plays nice with multiple carriers. We’d like to see something for all major carriers however we’re not holding our breath. Further, we’re hoping for 4.3 Jelly Bean but won’t be surprised if it’s 4.2.2 out of the box.

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  1. NexusKoolaid
    August 01, 17:20 Reply

    Couldn’t care less about not having customization options – I’d probably just slap an Otterbox on it anyway. But 16gb only? No thanks, no sale.

    • DamianL
      August 02, 08:48 Reply

      Well, the very same everyone was saying about Nexus 4… and what? For so long there was no possibility to buy it. 16GB is enough for many folks out there…

      Of course not for us 😉

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