Amazon best-sellers: (AT&T smartphones)

Amazon best-sellers: (AT&T smartphones)

We’re trying something new this weekend which could become a regular-occurring series on AndroidGuys. Our aim is to highlight best-selling devices on Amazon, be it from smartphones, tablets, accessories, or apps. Each week we’ll pick a specific category or carrier and shine a light on some of the top products in that space.


This Week: AT&T smartphones

Here’s a quick glance at the 10 best-selling smartphones at AT&T as of publishing this article. We’ll pull out the non-Android models and give you prices on the brands and models with which you are most familiar. If you’re in the market for a new Android and would like to sign with AT&T, these are some of the best prices you’ll find.

  1. HTC One (Silver) – $79.99 with new service agreement
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB White)  –  $19.99 with new service agreement
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB Blue) – $19.99 with new service agreement
  4. HTC One (Black)  – $79.99 with new service agreement
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 (Black) – $149.99 with new service agreement
  6. Samsung Galaxy S4 (White) – $149.99 with new service agreement
  7. LG Optimus G Pro – $59.99 with new service agreement
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note II (White) – $99.99 with new service agreement
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note II (Black) – $99.99 with new service agreement
  10. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (Blue) – $149.99 with new service agreement

Not a fan of AT&T? Maybe you’d like to see some of the best-selling devices on Verizon or Sprint.


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    • ThinkingBrian
      August 04, 17:07 Reply

      Because, the HTC One (including the AT&T version) is one of the most popular Android Smartphones today. Personally its not my cup of tea, I would rather buy either the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or even the LG Optimus G Pro for its 5.5 inch screen.

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