Google Play Store update improves overall usability

googleplay_720A new version of the Google Play Store has started making its way onto Android handsets and tablets. Tapped with the release of 4.3.10, it’s a slight adjustment on multiple fronts. In other words, nothing major, more “enhanced” overall experience than anything.

First noticed and broken down by Android Police, the new Google Play Store app provides a sticky area under the Installed Apps list which helps identify which apps were recently updated. For those who set their device to automatically update apps and games this will pinpoint which were the most recent.


Notifications are a bit smarter as well with a general notification instead of a handful of separate messages. Tapping once can dive deeper into the list to see what’s new for which apps and games.

Book prices now show the full price in addition to the current asking price so that you get a better sense of the discount available. Rounding things out are adjustments in button layouts and other minor touches.

Look for the Google Play Store to update on your device over the coming days or weeks. Chances are you might actually miss the update as it’s not all that major.

Android Police

  • Anon

    Nice lazy article.


    Too bad its busted and not letting anyone update…

  • zzcakes

    Still down ATM for me also. Just black screens and takes me to my home display