HTC ‘Here’s To Change’ campaign moves further with YouTube video, mini-site


HTC, having a bit of fun with its fans, has released a cleaner 15-second version of the video that surfaced on Vine and Instagram yesterday. The clip, which is really just that – a cleaned HD version of the same stuff, still smells of Robert Downey Jr. Also, we’re pretty sure that the other guy in the video is Jon Polito of Gangster Squad and The Big Lebowski fame.

While it’s not clear if this teaser stuff will last long, we can spend the interim playing with HTC‘s new HTC Generator. Head here and see what sort of strange mashup of words you can make out of the company letters.

Here’s a couple we came up with… how about you?

  • Hyperactive Thinking Cheese
  • Heroic Tuba Cookie
  • Hungry Troll Champion