HTC talks up “Great Changes in History” in latest blog post

HTC, obviously up to something big (see what we did there?) has been rather vocal these past few days. Be it a short video clip posted to Instagram, Vine, and YouTube, the new HTC Generator, or this new infographic, it feels like we’re on the eve of a new announcement.

The last few times we saw HTC get this chatty we were introduced to the HTC One and HTC One Mini in the short following period. With that said, we’re pretty sure that we’ll be getting an HTC One Max announcement in a matter of days.

HTC Infographic: Great Changes in History


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  • disqus_0DvjPGmqim

    Whoever called the htc one the best phone available today is either paid off or a previous iPhone user. The best phone so far even after a year of being out is the Note 2. Not the s4, not the One, not the Lg anything but the freaking Note 2. Motorola can suck it, oppo 5, 7, whatever can suck it, windows, blackberry, and Fapple not worth mentioning. Last but not least that oversized One that’s about to come out can suck it too. Tired of metal, no sd card , non removable phones. WORTHLESS to any serious mobile phone user.

  • ddong