ASUS Android roadmap leaked, with Nexus 10 noticeably missing

According to a recently leaked set of slides, the roadmap to ASUS’ attempt at Android success includes the MeMo Fone HD 5, PadFone mini, MeMo Pad HD 8, Transformer Pad FHD and Transformer Pad HD… but no Nexus 10. The leak came by way of an investors presentation in France.


There isn’t a whole lot to go on aside from the basic strategy that ASUS is planning on moving forward with concerning Android, but the rumor mill is quick to pick up after something like this. Obviously, the already milled gossip about ASUS planning to build the actual Nexus 10 seem to have gone out the window.

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via technobuffalo

  • bob

    Why can I see the content properly on the technobuffalo website, but the androidguys rehash won’t load on my Nexus 10?

  • asomicait

    How is the 2nd gen Nexus 10 missing? It’s a tablet, not a smartphone.

    The distinction is increasingly arbitrary, but the slide leaked statesw “Smartphone”.

  • JTW

    So what Nexus 7 isn’t there either.

  • dudz

    Of course asus will not do nexus 10. Why google will pick the same company to make one more nexus when samsung is doing the best tables out there for so long? No sense…

    • retrospooty

      On what planet are Samsung tablets the best? They are underpowered, lower res and higher price than all of their competitors. The whole Tab3 lineup would barely be good if released last year, much less this year.

      The Nexus 10 is nice, but it was made to Google’s spec, not Samsungs.

  • ddong