CyanogenMod announces capability to ChromeCast any media from your Android device

CyanogenMod announces capability to ChromeCast any media from your Android device

Chances are, you’ve probably heard of ChromeCast, Google’s new $35 toy that allows you to stream media from your Chrome browser. Now, however, the guys over at the CyanogenMod team have decided to take things a step or two further. According to the CM guys, they have built in the functionality to be able to sling any media, audio or video, straight from your Android phone. They’re saying it’s super simple, too – just bring up your media, and the option to throw it to your ChromeCast device will automatically show up the notification tray.

Thanks to the fact that Google wanted to open up development, the ChromCast is remarkably open – so much that CyanogenMod had just about zero issues building in the functionality.So, while the standard, non-rooting community may be stuck for now waiting for Google to allow streaming of specific media from specific devices, those who use and enjoy CyanogenMod will be able to reap the full benefits of ChromeCast’s biggest weakness: its openness.

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  1. RowanDDR
    August 14, 11:26 Reply

    What is the significance of this? I mean, surely there are already
    apps that let you stream media from your phone. What makes Chromecast
    special? And how does this stream – do both devices need to be on the same WIFI network or what?

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