Amazon: Developers seeing significant benefits in Amazon Coins



Mobile app developers love Amazon Coins and the virtual currency system, says a new Amazon blog post. In the few months since the introduction, developers are seeing benefits (read: revenue) in using the Coins.

Noteworthy stats:

  • In the last two weeks of May alone, more than 100 million Coins were spent on content and in-app purchases, representing real dollars to developers, who receive 70 percent of Coins revenue
  • For almost a third of developers who monetize apps through the Amazon store, weekly revenue jumped 50 percent or more after the announcement

If you’re a developer looking to monetize your apps then you’d be wise to consider using Amazon’s Appstore and its virtual currency Coins system. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what other developers are saying about Amazon Coins.

“We saw a significant spike in revenue after the Amazon Coins announcement, with a week-over-week increase of 135%.  Coins revenue alone was almost as much as we made from cash the previous week, and our cash receipts also saw a healthy lift.” — Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd


“Amazon Coins accounted for 67% of our sales for the week of May 13, which means our customers chose Coins two-to-one over cash.  Our total sales for the week were up 130%.” — PepiPlay


“Our SMS texting and calling app generated 91% more revenue for us on Kindle Fire once Amazon Coins went live, with a staggering 78% coming from Coins.  We’re convinced that this virtual currency makes sense for developers; it certainly does for us.” — textPlus, Inc.


  1. […] Amazon on Wednesday announced that customers living in the US, UK and Germany can now use (buy, spend, earn) Amazon Coins directly from their Android phones and tablets. Previously exclusive to the Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon Coins can let users buy apps, purchase add-ons, unlock features, and other fun stuff inside of apps and games. The virtual currency, which has been around for roughly one year now, seems to work rather well for developers. […]

  2. […] Di cosa si tratta, in sostanza? Di monete alternative con cui si possono acquistare applicazioni e giochi nel negozio dedicato. Per l’utente finale il beneficio è facilmente quantificabile: si può risparmiare fino al 10% sugli acquisti digitali. Lato sviluppatori, che continuano a ottenere il 70% di quanto venduto, sembra che laddove il sistema è già in vigore gli incassi siano cresciuti di percentuali consistenti. […]