Give your golf game a mulligan with GolfSense sensor and app

Looking to improve your golf game? Don’t answer that, it was a trick question – of course you are. Perhaps you’ll be interested in checking out Zepp’s GolfSense glove-based sensor and mobile app.

Attaching itself to pretty much any golf glove, the GolfSense detects acceleration, velocity, position, posture, and more. Captured at a rate of more than 1,000 times per second, the data is used to help track and improve your golf swing.


  • Precision motion sensor attaches to the velcro strap on any glove and wirelessly transmits swing data to your mobile device.
  • Revolutionary 3D motion engine captures hundreds of data points for every swing and delivers real-time analysis.
  • GolfSense not only captures your swing data, but also provides tips and recommendations to help you improve your game.
  • Your swings are seamlessly stored in the GolfSense cloud and can be sync’d to all your mobile devices.


Truth be told, I’ve never even stepped on a golf course. I don’t have any real experience with this device or any others in this space.  I can assure you , however, that I would do everything in my power to give myself an advantage and upper hand if/when I do golf. As someone who doesn’t often get more than ten feet from his Android phone, I would make sure that I had this app and accessory.

To that and, I’ve shown this to a number of friends who golf and the general reaction seems to be, “Ohhh, I need that.”

Looking through the GolfSense website, I see a lot of positive press and the reviews seem to love the device.

You can purchase the GolfSense at a variety of places, most of which sell it for $129. Some of you may have seen one of these in your local Verizon or Apple store. We also checked Amazon and found that it can be picked up for as low as $89.95, a savings of $40 (31 percent off).