October 20, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note III to feature a 3450mAh battery?


Samsung Galaxy Note III is the next hot device everyone is looking forward to, and we might see it in Berlin on September 4 2013. Battery time is one of the main features of every smartphone, and about the Note III, it is rumored that it will feature a 3450 mAh battery, which guarantees a long battery life. People over at PhoneArena are claiming that a source involved with the “engineering sample of the phablet first hand”, said that a 3450 mAh is there.

The Note II featured a 3100 mAh battery, so that’s a 11% improvement in the new model. On September 4, we might see the mighty device from Samsung, which will go against the HTC One Max and the Xperia Z Ultra.

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Source: PhoneArena