Samsung Galaxy Note III to feature a 3450mAh battery?

Samsung Galaxy Note III to feature a 3450mAh battery?

Samsung Galaxy Note III is the next hot device everyone is looking forward to, and we might see it in Berlin on September 4 2013. Battery time is one of the main features of every smartphone, and about the Note III, it is rumored that it will feature a 3450 mAh battery, which guarantees a long battery life. People over at PhoneArena are claiming that a source involved with the “engineering sample of the phablet first hand”, said that a 3450 mAh is there.

The Note II featured a 3100 mAh battery, so that’s a 11% improvement in the new model. On September 4, we might see the mighty device from Samsung, which will go against the HTC One Max and the Xperia Z Ultra.

Do you think the battery on Note III is good enough? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: PhoneArena

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  1. Wesley Da'Nomad
    August 12, 13:01 Reply

    Most likely my next phone unless I can get a One Max with an AOSP rom. When will they start releasing phones with 64GB onboard?

  2. Havoc70
    August 12, 13:21 Reply

    When the contract is up on my current Note II, this will be my upgrade

  3. casperi
    August 14, 09:31 Reply

    I’m just kinda torn on this one. I have the Note 2, the note 3 really doesn’t add really enough to make me buy it. Sure the larger screen would be nice but its not that much bigger. Frankly with custom ROMs and our devs we have a fare amount of options. Really do I want to add another payment to everything I already pay for each month for .4? bigger screen? I just don’t see it. I did this last time with my S2. I skipped the S3 and bought the Note 2 instead. That was back in February so if I bought the N3 then I would be down to a 11 month cell phone replacement window. Thats just kinda insane. I think I would be just fine going out 2 years with the dev work on the N2. Then the N5 lol would be the next buy. Am I losing it or just thinking replacement of a phone every 11 months is just to much.?

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