Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reported ship in early September


The yet-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly ship in early September, says SamMobile. The phone, which is expected to make its formal debut on September 4 at an Unpacked event, is slated to start shipping in week 36 (September 2 – September 8).

It’s pretty rare that Samsung would announce a device and then ship it almost immediately; the previous big releases have at least a few weeks between introduction and availability. However, with the next-generation of iPhone expected in the week following IFA, Samsung might be trying to get a head start on potential buyers.

The good thing is that we only have a couple of weeks to go before we find out if this rumor is true!


  • Wesley Da’Nomad

    Maybe this rumor is actually about the Galaxy Mega?

  • cybersedan

    This would be a first for Samsung, but in today’s competitive super phone market, this would be a great move for Sammy!

  • Random guy

    The battle between samsung and apple has heated up once again whoohoo go samsung I am desperate to get the note 3 as fast as I can