16 stray observations about the Moto X

As many of you guys know, we were able to test out the Moto Maker tool last week and customize our own Moto X smartphone. In other words, we got to see what it’s going to be like to be an AT&T customer in but a few days time.

We (I, rather) found the Moto Maker tool to be quite easy to use and think it’s a rather intuitive system that average folks will figure out in no time. Despite a few suggestions for improving or enhancing the system, it’s not lacking in any particular areas.


I designed the Moto X to have a cherry red back, white front, and black accents for buttons and camera. Given all of the wonderful color combinations available, I had a tough time just pulling the trigger. Decision paralysis to be sure.

As promised, the Moto X arrived in the four days after I placed the order. How did it look? How does it feel?  To answer that, I give you a handful of random observations of the Moto X.

  1. The cherry red color is a tad more muted than I expected but this was a good thing as I was hoping for a traditional shade.
  2. The phone feels much more substantial in hand than I anticipated. The contours and weight remind me of the HTC One.
  3. I love the active listening feature and find Google Now even more impressive in this manner.
  4. Double-flip the wrist to activate the camera works well most of the time.
  5. It feels great not having a bunch of preloaded apps – I hope AT&T customers (and everyone else) get this same software experience.
  6. It’s a little odd having the power and volume buttons on the same side and in such a low-profile manner.
  7. I really enjoy having the large screen feel in such a small footprint; thin bezel for the win!
  8. This is the way all notifications should be.
  9. The camera takes a bit of familiarization and it’s not all that easy to focus and snap a photo. Practice this a few times before you get out in the real world and miss a moment.
  10. The battery seems to be the real deal, if only after the first 24 hours. Still have 70 percent left after nearly 8 hours off the charge. We’ll see what happens in the next few days.
  11. The tactile feedback is great and feels really good when typing.
  12. The screen is gorgeous in size and clarity and I certainly don’t notice that it’s not 1080p.
  13. I’ve love to be able to replace the back cover with other colors if only because.
  14. I don’t want to hide the red and white colors with a case but I don’t wanna take the risk.
  15. The back side of the phone shows oil and greasy/sweaty fingers quite easily but wipes clean without much effort.
  16. You wouldn’t know this isn’t a top-tier hardware experience, the phone feels legit and has handled our tasks without a hiccup.

So far, I have been thoroughly impressed with the Moto X experience. Everyone that I’ve shown the phone to seems to appreciate it for different reasons and nobody balks at the $199 price tag. People are accustomed to seeing that sticker with new devices; I’ve yet to run into someone who asks about the internal specs.

Feel free to reach out to me with any of your Moto X-related questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Also, definitely check out Phil’s review of the Moto X as he’s had some time with the phone.

  • TGMzero


    Also, you’ll probably never run into anyone who asks about internals as only geeks care about that. $199 for a really well built device that’s runs hardware that’s optimized is nice.

  • globster2000

    The colored back looks great along with the accents. By the way, how is 4g LTE signal compared to other phones? Is phone conversations excellent, good, or poor? There has been reports of the moto x producing a lot of bad pictures. Some people blame the clearpixel technology because the camera captures more details than it should, but others blame the firmware(aka.. software) of the camera; however, I was wondering how 3rd party programs deals with picture taking. Is there a possibility of uploading pictures taken from a good 3rd party camera app? Anyways, thanks for the review and showing us another color of what motomaker can make. I truly can’t wait to purchase this phone.

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  • michael interbartolo

    I thought you could get a clear case for it so that the customization would still be visible for all to see.

  • htowngtr

    If they release a “sold by Moto/Google” version directly for under $400 I’m there.

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