‘Andy Inside’ is successor to Exploded Andy t-shirt


The latest t-shirt design from Dion Briggs in the Android-themed series is out and it’s a callback or successor to one of the originals. Called “Andy Inside” it’s quite reminiscent of the Exploded Andy shirt from a few years back. If you’re into showing off your love of the Android platform than you’ll want to check out this new design.

We’ve had a chance to try some of the previous designs and simply love the shirts. Comfortable to wear, they are 100% American Apparel and cost only $17 in the United States. Shipping is expected to begin on August 28.

While you’re at it, grab a Mountain View Mashers shirt, or Android Kicks Apple’s Ass shirt as well?

  • Piotr Wicherski

    Anyone have .png of this ??