More Galaxy Gear smartwatch details confirmed

More Galaxy Gear smartwatch details confirmed

Samsung Gear

The Samsung Gear, a product that might very well become the first successful attempt at creating a commercially attractive smartwatch, has just gotten an official release date and colors.

According to one of SamMobile’s insiders, your new smart accessory will ship in week 39 in the colors white, orange, gray and black. What’s interesting, is that a week later Samsung will start to sell a white gold version, which might be more of a luxurious version of an already interesting product.

Of course these are still no official details, meaning the final release dates might rock back and forth a couple of weeks but either way, we will definitely hear all details September 4th during Samsung’s Unpacked event.


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    I dig the render. I’d trade my first born for that… Guess that means I’d have to knock a lady up first.

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