Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory bundle worth $155



UPDATE: Mary Dolliver has been selected as the winner of the prize pack!  Thanks to all of those who participated; we had a lot of fun with this one!

The team over at Wireless Emporium and AndroidGuys have partnered to put together of the best Samsung Galaxy S4 bundles you’ll find in the entire — wait for it — galaxy. Rather than offering up a single product or accessory for the flagship handset, we’re helping to give away an entire package of goodies – seven in all.

One lucky participant will win the following 7 smartphone accessories with a Total Retail Value of $155.93.

The prize pack will include:

  1. A rechargeable Power Case for extra protection and energy. Stay charged and on guard. ($34.99 Retail Value)
  2. An anti-glare Screen Protector to protect every pixel of your Galaxy S4’s display. ($7.99 Retail Value)
  3. A portable Battery Power Bank for convenient charging on-the-go. No socket required! ($19.99 Retail Value)
  4. A wireless Samsung Bluetooth Headset for hands-free calling. ($39.99 Retail Value)
  5. A Samsung 2GB Micro SD Memory Card for expanded memory and possibilities. ($11.99 Retail Value)
  6. A 2-in-1 Car or Window Mount for a better navigational experience. ($25.99 Retail Value)
  7. An Executive Stylus and Ink Pen for improved touchscreen capabilities and professional appearance.($14.99 Retail Value)

Sounds awesome right? Here’s how you go about securing your spot in the drawing!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post and tell us what you love most about your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Share this link on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+
  • Increase your chances of winning by leaving a comment about the giveaway on the Wireless Emporium Blog.

Please note: you must reside in the United States or Canada to be eligible. We know we have a lot of international readers and we’re sorry to have to exclude you for this.

You have two weeks!

The giveaway will run until Sunday, September 1st, 2013. The Winner will be announced on Labor Day through this post and the Wireless Emporium Blog. Good luck! And remember, you can find more Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories and thousands more at Wireless Emporium!


  1. I love using the IR blaster to turn off random people’s TV’s and laugh hysterically as I watch them go crazy trying to figure out what’s going on.

  2. After 4mo S4 still amazes me. This is THE jump into hyperspace long awaited. Fruty stuff marvelous marketing has never convinced me.

  3. I think the screen size and the clarity of the screen along with the removable media storage and battery are the best features. But the camera is what won me over. I love my S4 and I am so glad I made the jump from iOS.

  4. I like how it is comparably easier to unlock the bootloader and flash a 4.3 ROM, because TouchWiz lags like all hell. And the build is nice in the hand

  5. Being I have had this phone a month and can’t put it down says enough about what I like. That said, I dont like the locked bootloader, but then again who does.

  6. I like the fact that it is more than a phone. It keeps track of my calories that I burn. Steps I’ve taken and even is a household remote. It simply consolidates all the gadgets I have and puts it into one awesome device. My galaxy s4 is more than a smartphone its my life companion…

  7. My favorite thing about the S4 is the camera. Beats my old Bionic by a long shot and has some gimmicky but useful features thrown in there as well.

  8. My fave thing about the s4 is how the first fall from my pocket it broke. My RAZR took that fall like a champ every day for years

  9. The thing I like the most about my Galaxy S4, is that I happen to find a new feature every few weeks that I did not already know about.

  10. I love my s4s large screen its perfect for taking photos and videos and its so clear and all the things it does its endless fun beat phone ive ever had 5 stars to samsung x

  11. -___-

    Only IF Sprint would let me to keep my existing plans to
    upgrade my phone to Galaxy S4. The reason I’ve WANTED Galaxy S4 is
    because of two features which are 1) multi-tasking and amazing camera
    feature! Don’t know if this is a worth a shot of getting this while
    wrestling with Sprint over my plans issue. :/

  12. I love that u can use air gestures to do stuff and i love the wide screen and i love that u can take a pic with the front and back camera at the same time. I also love clear and bright it is.And i love the multi window.

  13. Love how the size doesn’t change even thought the screen is bigger now. Awesome camera, all the bells and whistles more than I can ask. All the cool accessories available.

  14. I just love everything about this phone & I think you guys are awesome for giving us a chance to win it….THANKS GUYS!!!

  15. I love how fast my Galaxy S4 is, and how I can customize almost every feature. Its my first android phone, and I don’t think I’ll ever give it up.

  16. I love the hd clarity. After using this for a few months and looked back at my old phone then wondered how the heck I survived!!

  17. What’s not to love?!? Love the look & feel, the beautiful screen and the processors! With the right external components (keyboard and display connection & cloud storage), I can now leave my laptop at home when I travel!

  18. I’ve been testing out the Note 2 and the S4… since I’m due for an upgrade…. I have to say… I like the size of the S4 a lot and the thin bezel! but I still can’t decide… especially with all the new rumored phones coming out

  19. Well honestly I was a huge I mean HUGE Apple iphone fan for the longest time… but I kept on seeing what an awesome phone the galaxy was…. so I went to At&t and bought the S4 out right ($750)… and that was prob. The best way to spend 750 bux. This S4 is amazing and will DESTROY ANY IPHONES ON THE MARKET!! So many free apps…millions of accessories… Andriod is the way to go if you want to make a phone truly yours the way you want it..(100% customized) great product guys!!! Andriod is the best on the market.. and the Galaxy S4 is by far the best phone!

  20. I think the best phone in the universe is Samsung Galaxy S4 ,because it has got lots of sensors and has got a huge amount of RAM.

  21. Samsung galaxy S4 , best smart phone that I ever had , love its sleek design and 5inch AMOLED HD display. multitasking between Facebook and YouTube, and my my favorite is the smart stay when u are watching a video when your not looking. one of the best part is the air gesture and air view .great phone great features like it love it, MUST HAVE !!!

  22. The thing I love about my Galaxy S4 is that it is not an iPhone!!! My favorite feature the S4 has is the awesome camera as well as the beautiful 5 inch screen to view the pics the camera takes!

  23. Samsung Galaxy S4 is Superb. The camera is excellent. I sometimes feel like my phone is smarter than I am…lol!
    The clarity of my photos and all the different things I can do to enhance my photos are amazing. So I definitely would have to say this is my favorite feature on the phone. Besides that there are so many other great features on my S4 it would take me forever to list them individually. One thing I know for sure is that the IPhone 5 is absolutely no competition against the Galaxy S4. My Galaxy takes the trophy home!!!! Without a doubt!!!

  24. The s4 is by far the fastest DROID I’ve had so far. And I’ve been through 7 different brands and models over the years. They’re the bomb

  25. I love the screen… Absolutely beautiful… I figure you will be looking at this screen every time you use it… So why not get the best screen on the market?!?

  26. What I love most about my Galaxy S4 is the wow factor! Everyone who knows about the phone is is sheer awe when I show them all the motion features and pure speed!

  27. I just got my Galaxy S4 and LOVE it! (I’m totally an android girl!) My favorite thing about it is the magical touch free scrolling! So fun! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed to win this!

    • Mary Dolliver, you’re the winner of the PRIZE PACK! Please email Scott for details on how to collect your winnings!

  28. I love my Galaxy s 4 so much… this is the best up to date app I’ve found actually I’ve got more information about my Galaxy from dripp then I have the manual….. These give aways are awesome guys for that reason I love the galaxy becauseiI found this app 😉

  29. Because its not an Iphone !!!!!!!
    There are too many to list but I guess Id have to say that the main reason is because its sooooo much better than my Epic Galaxy that I upgraded from….a totally different animal.

  30. i love my galaxys4 with so many ways to accessorize the phone and numerous fascinating apps you get. especially the feature of having the phone answered with your voice when an incoming call is being alerted.

  31. Runs Android, runs AOSP, Many custom roms and custom kernel available, best 1080p display on the market right now, amazing 13mp camera, very handy for a phone of 5″
    screen, light phone because of its plastic finish, volume rocker and power button is very accessible when using a single hand, the plastic finish conducts less heat compared I metal finish, LTE connectivity, really fast due to to the dual quad core processor, some of the integrated features such as multi Window are really useful, touchwiz is more customizable than other smartphones’ ROM, great battery life,…

  32. i love everything about s4 its fast accurate it has a good sensitivity its display its camera and really want this mobile

  33. Im almost 50 years old and afther so many years to see so many phones past true may hands and always was happy whit may choices but afther sg4 come to me Nothing is the same Im fell like a little kid on cristhmas time but for me is everyday Thanks..

  34. I love my s4 so much for so many reasons the snappy processer makes it so quick to surf the Web and download music I love the beautiful display and the phone is so light and comfortable to hold!

  35. What I love about my S4 is the camera. Being the mom of two active boys and running my cake business I use the camera everywhere! It means never having to lug around a camera case in those instant moments. I also love the swipe to text feature it allows me to send messages, post pictures with comments or just comment on a friends page in seconds. The processing speed is also amazing. Running two apps simultaneously is also helpful when mapping directions and posting info on my kids latest achievement or something that we’ve seen on a trip. The screen size is something that I adore when I want to record a video or watch a movie, and the pictures quality of the movie/video is better than any other phone I’ve owned. Freedom to customize my screens, multifunctions without slowing down the speed of the phone and picture quality while viewing or taking are undeniably what makes my S4 the best phone ever!

  36. The thing that I love most about my galaxy s4 is that it has an insane processor that’s clocked at 1.9 GHz and that I’ve made it MY phone because of how customizable it is. Did I mention the beautiful screen? (;

  37. I love my Samsung Galaxy S4 because it handles everything! I get news, great photos to share, and the ultra sleek design. It turns all my other entertainment equipment on with the great idea of incorporated remote control. I love this Galaxy S4 more every day, with the continued updates. Who could ask for anything more? Win or lose, I LOVE MY GALAXY S4!!!!

  38. I love the galaxy s4 for many reasons. First, it looks awesome. It has a big screen that is very clear and color Is amazing. It is light and easy to hold as well. Second the s4 is very fast, with so many awesome features to it. It is very customizable which is great and lets every owner make it the way they want. Finally the camera is amazing and lets you take brilliant pictures. The s4 is the best phone out their, I would highly recommend it to everybody out there.

  39. Where do I start. Lol. Well my two favorite things about my phone would have to be the multi windows and the air view. Love it!!!

  40. The S4 is the best phone I’ve ever owned thus far. The speed, amazing screen display, camera aspects & features, battery life, and how lightweight it is, all have me ecstatic about having made this purchase. Galaxy S4 Addict??? Yes… I’ll admit it LOL.

  41. Where do I start. I’ve had what feels like every brand of phone (motorola, lg, apple, htc and blackberry) and have enjoyed things about them but not everything. That is until I purchased my samsung galaxy s4. I have been absolutely blown away by this phone. From the beautiful super amoled display to the camera to the functionality. It does absolutely everything that I could ever imagine or ever want. And then some. Many people put it down for its cheap feel or for the battery life or whatever. I have zero complaints. I LOVE this phone. I can’t imagine trying to function through daily life without it. I have been so impressed with the phone and will be a samsung galaxy fanatic for life. I have definitely converted many people over to the galaxy s4 from other brands. Especially my wife who previously owned an Iphone. She now will never go back to it. She loves it as well. Rock on samsung!

  42. What I love the most is when I whip it out my pants and people are like, “Oh wow! Is that an S4?” and I’m like, “Yea…Wateva!”

  43. Really, I love the camera the most. I am a father of a 2 year old, so I often find myself taking photos and videos, as you might imagine…another thing I really love is the beautiful screen, which my son loves to watch his movies on when we’re out

  44. It’s just a good phone, all the way around. Sure, it has some gimmicks in there but otherwise, it’s a nice phone. My wife is buying one tomorrow so this would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  45. Have been a galaxy fan since the beginning!!!! Always will be!!! S4 is the best phone out there. Keep up the great work. Thanks guys.

  46. I love the Samsung Galaxy s4, beautiful phone with some incredible mind boggling features. would love to have one, but it is a little more than I can afford at the moment.

  47. Would love love love to have this phone. I have had my eye on this phone for some time but dont have the money at the time to afford one

  48. I love how customizable my s4 is even to the outside. I even got this sweet mario battery cover on it. Moto X eat your heart out

  49. […] Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory bundle worth 5 The giveaway will run right up until Sunday, September 1st, 2013. The Winner will be announced on Labor Day by means of this post and the Wireless Emporium Blog. Great luck! And keep in mind, you can find much more Samsung Galaxy S4 add-ons and thousands a lot more at&nbsp… Read through much more on AndroidGuys […]

  50. Don’t have S4, damn Sprint! But I have played with it while visiting Best Buy. It’s mind boggling to see how amazing S4 has to offer! I’ve really liked the multi-tasking AND camera features! And to top it off, it’s 16MP! I gotta have it! :/

    The camera is amazing. HAVE TAKEN AWESOME , CLEAR PICTURES. Battery is amazing. LOVE ALL THE FUN FEATURES. Having trouble putting the phone down. ALSO CALLS ARE CLEAR. I can hear the other person on the line sooo well. I HAVEN’T HAD THE PHONE LONG. SO DEFINITELY MORE TO EXPLORE. 🙂

  52. I love the ability to be able to operate two apps at once and the air gestures. ..all other features rock!!! I would not have any other phone!!