Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be offered in black, white, and pink — report

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be offered in black, white, and pink — report


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be offered in three different colors when it goes on sale later this year, reports SamMobile. The tech blog, who is often quite accurate, says the Note 3 will be available in black, white, and pink flavors in later October. For what it’s worth, the pink color may be exclusive to Samsung’s Korean home turf.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to debut at an Unpacked event on September 4; the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is also rumored for a formal introduction at the same show. If history is an indicator then we might look for Samsung to announce the products and then leave it up to the carriers to issue their own releases pertaining to pricing and availability.



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  1. Feeblemind
    August 24, 17:58 Reply

    The galaxy note series sucks. Who wants a phone that big? It’s just crazy.

    • Dave
      August 24, 18:16 Reply

      Believe me, MANY will want it (myself included). This phone will be revolutionary.

    • Outerwings
      August 24, 18:23 Reply

      The thing is that people nowadays spend more time browsing, reading, using maps and watching videos on their phone than they actually use it making calls. A big screen is a huge plus which explains the success of the series also.

    • Derail Doax
      August 24, 23:15 Reply

      Your name is perfect for such a stupid comment. I owned a Note 2 and now I own a Asus Fonepad. Bigger is better.

    • Daviddwp
      August 25, 01:17 Reply

      , this is for the comment made by feeblemind,, I would guess you just signed a new contract and half to Wate 2 years. and you are broke, and can afford to just write out bye the note, 3. lol.,,,, if you just would have waited a little longer you would have it.and you would not have made that stupid comment. people nowdays don’t talk on the phone much they watch videos and the Internet, text, wy not have the best of all and have the note 3 I will get it soon as it out, with AT&T rocks

      • Keith
        August 25, 06:34 Reply

        Well said daviddwp the market for big phones is getting bigger the future is big roll on the note

      • Feeblemind
        August 26, 00:22 Reply

        You’re grammar is horrible. You should go back to school. Anyhoo, the Notes are far too big to fit into my pocket. Just get an iPhone which is the perfect size.

    • Vasanth
      August 25, 06:58 Reply

      What a Feeble mind!! I am actually disappointed with the news that Note 3 is just 5.7 inches. I was expecting atleast 6 inches. I already own note 2 and for me it is a small screen. Time to move to Sony Xperia Z Ultra?

  2. Jorj_X_McKie
    August 26, 09:02 Reply

    I probably had the first Note phone to hit town almost 2 yrs ago, and it has been an impressive gadget, however I have had to make adjustments for its size. Too big to leave in pocket, but then, I see a lot of coworker’s iPhones on their desks too. I’m on the fence whether or not to go Note3 or S4. I’d have preferred a phone around 5″ with S Pen. Either way, I’m liking the looks of the phone + Note 8.0 bundle… that is a *nice* little tablet!

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