Galaxy Gear Will Launch with 6GB and 8GB versions

Galaxy Gear Will Launch with 6GB and 8GB versions


As we are coming closer to IFA 2013 and Samsung’s own Unpacked event, more and more details about the Samsung Galaxy Gear are emerging from the inner depths of Samsung’s development- and PR-offices. We already knew the screen size and resolution – 2.5 inch and 240*320 – and the processor and RAM size are no secret either, clocking in at 1.5GHz dualcore and 1GB of RAM.

For years people have been complaining about the lack of expendable memory on smartphones with an already low storage if you’re one of those folks, you might not want to buy this device as it only has either 6GB or 8GB to put your files on. On the other hand, most people will use this as a second device besides their smartphones so the low storage count on this device will probably not scare too many potential buyers away from their new fancy watch.

Source: Sammobile


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  1. iampoch
    August 29, 20:37 Reply

    The bigger question is, out of that 6 or 8GB, How much is available for the users? The Galaxy S4 was a big let down because only 8GB is available out of the 16GB. My Note 2 had only 10GB of the 16GB right out of the box.

    While I doubt that people would store media files, etc on a smartwatch, that small internal storage might severely limit choices of apps to install.

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