Sprint to offer blue HTC One Max on September 10, leak suggests

Sprint is set to offer the rumored blue version of the HTC One in but a few weeks time, according to a new leaked roadmap. Reportedly, the flagship shows up on September 10 however it’s unclear if this will be exclusive to Sprint. Our gut tells us that the other carriers aren’t going to offer the blue color; we’ll find out soon enough. Assuming the price stays the same as the others we should look for a $99 sticker for the upcoming device.



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  • Sean C. Taylor

    I’m assuming you meant the ‘HTC One’ as opposed to the ‘HTC One Max’…right?

  • paxmos

    I thought Yellow was Sprint color. AT&T should sue Sprint for using Blue. NO magneta please!!!

  • Pwentdon Dwenton

    Obviously he knew One MAX was a hot topic so wrote it that way to pull views, lol.