HTC introduces new accessories for their android smartphones

HTC recently made a comeback in the smartphone business with the HTC

  • Mats

    If mini+ has multipoint, I’ll get one for sure. If not, Sony’s sbh52 seems like a better choice to me (who always carry 2 phones around)

  • This is cool, I’ve lost one of my favorite smartphone already and definitely need one of these so it won’t happen again..

  • Stanglifemike

    I’d definitely buy the Mini+ IF it wasn’t limited to work with so few phones! I mean really, it doesn’t even work with their flagship phone, the HTC One!?!? If it worked with more phones, say starting with the One X/Evo LTE and newer, then I think it would be a hit. The fact that it has such a small possibility for a user base, I think that it will flop! When will HTC learn to make their devices/accessories available to a broader range of customers?? The fact that it doesn’t even work with the HTC One tells me that they aren’t trying very hard to meet their current customers wants and needs, and instead trying to push their customers in to buying their newest phones(which do not have specs equivalent to their latest flagship), means that this device is simply destined to fail. This accessory should at least work with their most recent flagship, at very minimum. This really is a shame, as HTC is my favorite phone company (even though I now have a Note 2) and I would really like to see them climb out of this hole that they are in. To do this though, they’ve got to make their products available to a wider range of potential customers! Otherwise they are simply driving the nails in to their own coffin. A company with excellent products and opportunities, failing to deliver on a regular basis. I’ve been an HTC customer since Windows Mobile, and I’ve owned 8 HTC phones over the years. I bought nothing but HTC phones for many years. In fact, the Note 2 is my first Android phone that isn’t HTC! It’s honestly very sad to watch the companies future go down the drain, right in front of my eyes…

    • iampoch

      True true! I’m interested with the Mini+ because it fulfills a lot of my needs. Sucks that it’s limited to a few phones.

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