October 30, 2014

HTC introduces new accessories for their android smartphones


HTC recently made a comeback in the smartphone business with the HTC One, and it seems now they are also planning to put some focus on accessories as well, and they did it by introducing two new bluetooth accessories for their Android smartphones. However, the accessories are probably first-of-their-kind from HTC and a little weird. They are known as the HTC Fetch and HTC Mini+.

htc-mini-plusFetch is a Bluetooth designed clip that goes into your key chain and it helps you in not losing your smartphone. On the other hand, Mini+ connects to your smartphone and lets you take calls without using your smartphone, or you can use it in public and stay “old school”.

htcfetch-100052222-mediumThe way how Fetch works is if you have lost your smartphone and it is in the range of at least 50 feet then you can press a button on Fetch which will make your phone start ringing. It will also start beeping if you are 15 meters away from your phone. It is said to cost around $50.

About the Mini+, it is also a laser pointer and has a IR blaster, so you can use it as a remote control as well. Also, it can be used with PowerPoint presentations so maybe it can bring some HTC style in your business. The device is limited to HTC One Mini, the Butterfly S and the Desire 200 and 500. About price, it is said to cost around $80.

Are you planning to grab any of it? Tell us about your thoughts in the comment box below.

Source: HTC (Mini+), (Fetch)