Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Renders Surface with Price Details


Like we have become used to by now, a few renders of the new iteration of Samsung’s phablet line have been leaked to the public. Unconfirmed renders floating around aren’t exactly a novelty but determining whether or not a render is real can be tricky. This time it appears the renders are real, given the fact that we’ve already seen leaked front panels and frames which match up pretty well to these images.

According to these renders we will receive a thin and more rectangular shape with a smaller bezel, which means the device might get an ever larger screen without growing too much, which is always welcome for this type of machinery.

If you take a look at the images below you might notice it is looking very similar to some Apple devices, which is a risky move for Samsung considering the lawsuit they lost and the huge fine that followed.

Having said that, if the alleged pricetag for Russia is used for the rest of the world as well, Samsung might be able to pay that fine easily if this unit sells good enough: The price for Russia is said to be 29 900 rubles, or around and about 900 dollars. Considering Russia is a pretty expensive market, this will probably translate to 700 dollars for the US and the rest of the world so don’t worry, you won’t have to use your credit card to the limit in order to afford this combination between a phone and a tablet.

Source: Phonearena

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  • The location of the back button is a deal-killer for me. I hit it so often on the Note 2 I had to get rid of the phone. Htc’s location of the back button on the One makes a lot more sense on these large phones, and maybe even LG’s rear facing buttons.

    • RidoKilos

      That’s a bit of a silly reason to not buy an awesome flagship device. Like saying I won’t buy a car because the gas cap is on the wrong side. Samsung has been putting that button on that side for quite a few devices. And with the direction Android is running we’re really lucky they have face buttons at all.

      • Your analogy is incomplete. For me, its more like this: I am half way to the store from home and stop to buy gas. To pump gas into the tank, I have to stretch across the magical area of the car that needs only the slightest touch to activate. If it is the 4/5 of the time where I hit the magical area on accident, I am instantly transported back to the store where I started. Without gas and forced to drive home again.

        When using the phone one handed, its nearly impossible for me to miss the back button when completing other functions on the phone, often losing what I am working on in the process. When I owned the Note 2, I even went as far as taping a paper towel over the back button and installing floating buttons on the screen. It worked, but locked really stupid.

        Maybe your fingers are longer or more dexterous, or maybe you use it with two hands all the time – either way, I assure you that the lack of design consideration for my, and others’, use is not simply a matter of preference akin to the gas pump being on the wrong side of the car.

        • RidoKilos

          I understand that it isn’t for everyone. Some people have a hard time retraining themselves for new or different layouts. I’m just quick to label them “stubborn” when they didn’t learn after the punishment of continuously accidentally closing their applications.

          If it makes you feel any better there is probably an easy way to disable those buttons or remap them.

          • Either I’m retarded, you are retarded, or you work for Samsung. Makes no sense that you would first insult me by saying my poor experience is silly, and then insult me again by insulating that I am having a hard time training myself to the phone. You defend the button placement as if you have a stake in it so I will vote for #3, you work for Samsung… Be gone Samsung, we don’t need you here misleading people…

          • RidoKilos

            lol Wow. I thought we were just discussing phones. Didn’t realize I offended you. I intentionally used ‘silly’ for it’s light heartedness and never would have used something as ignorant and potentially hurtful as ‘retarded’. For the record, I don’t believe any of your 3 options are correct. I simply had faith that humanity was versatile enough to adapt to a simple button rearrangement. I suppose that was a mistake. You apparently fall under the “stubborn” label I described earlier though. It might be time to switch to the “It just works” iPhone, bud. No troublesome capacitive buttons there 😉

          • RSPC

            My 2 cents. 🙂
            You can just use the “task manager” and re-open whatever app you were using right where you left off.

        • bob

          I (and lots of other UK drivers) swap between European left hand drive and UK right hand drive cars (yes, both with manual gear boxes) all the time, without a second thought. Changing thumbs should be a doddle.

          • Whichever thumb is used is not the problem. It’s the placement of the touch sensitive buttons.

  • bob

    “Unconfirmed renders floating around aren’t exactly a novelty but determining whether or not a render is real can be tricky.”

    The word “Unconfirmed” gives it away for me. Seriously, I’m getting really bored with the amount of people who create an arbitrary image, and label it as what the new device will look like. It really doesn’t add anything more than what we already know.

  • Verizon

    can’t wait for Verizon to Verizon the home button.