Did a new Nexus device sneak into a Google KitKat video?

Did a new Nexus device sneak into a Google KitKat video?

Among all of the great things that came with the unveiling of the 4.4 KitKat version of Android, the one that has the nerds chatting today is the sighting of a possible new Nexus device. A video of the unveiling of the KitKat statue may have tipped the real-world arrival of a new product.

The original video, which has since been marked private, shows a gentleman holding a large phone/tablet with the Nexus branding on the backside. Not to worry, however, as it has been ripped and re-uploaded elsewhere. Also, we’ve got a screen grab a animated .gif to pass along.


While the first reaction might be to assume Nexus 5, we might also consider this could be a tablet. Notice the orientation of the “Nexus” branding is landscape instead of the normal portrait style. Given the size of the device, we could be looking at a 5.2-inch+ smartphone.  That display size just happens to match up with the Megalodon rumors from early 2013. Should this pan out, we could look for another LG take on the Nexus line.


With this device already being tested by Google, and factoring in the time of year, we are inclined to believe an announcement is coming in short order.

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