Nexus website redesign points to multiple Nexus phones

Nexus website redesign points to multiple Nexus phones


With the official naming of Android 4.4, Kit Kat, there is also some behind the scenes action going on at Google’s Nexus page.  Now we have all heard the rumors about LG or Motorola making the next Nexus phone, but nothing “official” yet.  However, could Google be tapping multiple manufacturers to make their next Nexus phone?


According to their redesigned Nexus page, the drop down menu shows “Phones”, which could just mean different variants of the same device, currently 8GB (Sold Out) or 16GB.  Given that there’s mention of tablets (plural) we’re inclined to think this is the case. However, Google is always changing and this could be the year of the LG Nexus 5 and Moto Nexus.


UPDATE: As well all know this morning the video posted by Google, then taken offline after showing an unknown Nexus device that looks like the child of a Nexus 7.  This potentially points to even a third manufacturer, Asus, which could be very interesting.

Source: Google

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  1. Charlie Val
    September 04, 08:42 Reply

    LG? The new Nexus looks like Asus’ Nexus 7. Definitely made by Asus, not LG.

    • Iucidium
      September 04, 21:57 Reply

      Google dictate the design.
      Its a 4.7 inch LG nexus 4 (2013)

  2. Derek L.
    September 04, 09:24 Reply

    If you looked closely at the bottom of the device (guy’s right hand), you can see something slightly resembling an LG logo.

  3. M-Dev
    September 04, 10:58 Reply

    The Nexus 5 shown in Google’s video clearly shows the LG logo . This article is out of date. There’s going to be one phone and with various storage capacities and it has been made by LG.

  4. Chris Winkley
    September 04, 17:09 Reply

    Could be fcc logo. Look at the still of the googler with the new nexus then look at the back of a Sony Xperia z1 the sensor light placement are the same and same size and shape.

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