Google Glass receives software update, new features

Google Glass Explorers look forward to the monthly software updates with high anticipation of what new features will be added. I’ve read whispers of Hangouts support found in last months XE8 update source code. So saying I had high expectations for this month’s XE9 update is an understatement. Google’s Glass team announced the update this afternoon, with an immediate release to users.

While today’s update doesn’t include Hangouts support, it goes include a new vignette feature that overlays a photo taken on Glass with a screenshot of the Glass screen at the time the photo was taken. On the surface this feature doesn’t seem like it would be all that beneficial, but as the example photos in Google’s announcement post show, it’s going to be a popular addition once Glass Explorers start using it.

Explorers can now have Glass identify a song that’s currently playing, search for and watch YouTube videos and Google Apps support has been (finally) added. It’s still experimental and some features (such as Google Now Calendar entries aren’t working quite yet) but at least it’s possible to connect Apps to Glass and use e-mail, other information through Google Now cards.

Read the full release notes on Google’s support page for Glass.