LG D820 is CDMA G2, not Nexus 5 –report

LG D820 is CDMA G2, not Nexus 5 –report

Look familiar? Well last week we were all excited to see the possible “Nexus 5” starting to come to light. Everyone thought that this could be the unknown phone from the revealing of KitKat at Google.


However, according to evleaks, this is the CDMA model of the LG G2, not the Nexus 5.


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    • Francesco Della Morte
      September 09, 10:39 Reply

      There is a bit of confusion on the web now. The phone discovered in the Android 4.4 video COULD STILL BE the new Nexus 5, but it’s surely not the same phone that was presented to the FCC offices, also if the back cover is pratically identical. Now, the phone in this photo IS an unknown Nexus model, but it’s not D820 neither D821 :) but something smells like crap because in the FCC screens that was on the net a couple of days before the D820 presented was running Android Key Lime Pie – and it would be curious that a NON Nexus phone is running something that didn’t come out yet, but who knows… for me it’s everything strange in the last week…

  1. Bill Tester
    September 09, 11:22 Reply

    My comment was removed… But I’ve seen evidence that the D820 is gsm and can quite possibly be the nexus… But can’t threaten loosing my job so that is all I have to say…

  2. newsjunkieintl
    September 10, 07:46 Reply

    EVLEAKS is an idiot who apparently can’t read FCC documents even when sober. The LG-D820 waltzed into the FCC in August with firmware “hammerhead” “keylimepie”, pentaband HSPA+ and multiple LTE bands — and he says it’s a CDMA-only G2 variant?

    And EVLEAKS posted this AFTER the FCC testing documents became public. Then, when talking about the LG-D820, he shows an LG-D821 graphic. Since he’s wrong about the LG-D820 (who do you believe, the FCC radio tests or him?), then I don’t trust what he says about the specs of the LG-D821 either.

    EVLEAKS was wrong on GS4 and Note 3 rendition, was wrong on Nexus 4. and now he’s wrong about the Nexus 5. Why does anyone even listen to him?

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