Nvidia Tegra TAB spotted at FCC with Tegra 4 and Stylus

Nvidia Tegra TAB spotted at FCC with Tegra 4 and Stylus


Who needs leaks when we have the lovely fellows at the FCC revealing unknown devices to the public? In this case, a 7″ Nvidia tablet was reviewed by the FCC, packing an unknown variant of the Tegra 4 and a stylus with apps to back it up. Not convinced yet? The 1280×800 resolution will most certainly not do the trick but a stock version of Jelly Bean, front HD camera and HDMI might turn this device into a very viable option for all the folks looking to buy a new mid-range tablet. Also, this baby brings us a pretty sizable 4100 mAh battery, which is quite sufficient for a 7″ device.

It is not clear if Nvidia will sell this device through another OEM or add it to its own portfolio but what we do know is that Google’s latest Nexus 7 will soon have serious competition.

Source: Engadget

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