Is this really the design of HTC’s Android tablet?



Talk about going to the well over and over again. A photo has surfaced which is alleged to be the first look at HTC’s return to the Android tablet space. You’ll have to forgive us as our initial reaction to the image was, “oh no“.

The photo shows a large, squarish form factor that looks like a stretched and pulled HTC One. While it does look to be a legitimate picture, we’re not so sure that the same design of the flagship phone will translate to a tablet.

Let’s hope this is some knock-off tablet maker trying to piggyback off of the HTC form factor. What say you? Do you think this would make for a good tablet design?

via: Pocketdroid


  1. Fake image! Look at the lens flares. On the “device” it appears as sunlight. However, when you follow the circle around and off the device, the circle continues on the same plain. There’s no shift of the flare to indicate any change in depth. That leads me to believe that is was added in post production or “PhotoShopped”. Also, HTC has never been shy about branding. If those white bezels were real, HTC would never allow so much unbranded space.