October 24, 2014

Motorola SLIVER II wireless Bluetooth headset review


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Solid design with quality parts, the Sliver II is quite comfortable and features a very respectable 5 hours talk time.
Motorola SLIVER II wireless Bluetooth headset review Reviewed by on . Rating: 4

We had a chance to review the new wireless Bluetooth headset from Motorola, the SLIVER II, and were very impressed with the device. With a promised 5 hours talk time, this is a solidly-built accessory with a convenient portable charging carrying case.

sliver-II-story-clock-540We appreciate the flexibility in the SLIVER II in that it features a handful of pivot and adjustment points. What’s more, the inclusion of five additional gel cushions ensure the right fit and comfort for any ear.

As is the case with Bluetooth headsets and earbuds, this Motorola unit provides microUSB charging through the bottom. Unlike most, however, the portable charging carry case allows for an additional 14 hours of talk time. Yes, this little pull box can take its own charge and hold hours of additional usage. This is incredibly useful in cases where you might travel for the weekend and want to pack on less cable. Sure, it fits in a purse, but it also slides into your pocket without adding much bulge. And, thanks to the semi-transparent lid we can see if the headset is charged up.

Call quality is superb thanks to the inclusion of three microphones. We had no trouble hearing our friends while driving or out in public and those on the other end were pleased with with how we were received.

Buttons respond nicely and we were impressed with how the device pairs to two smartphones at once. Additional details we liked were the color status indicators, quick calling, rejecting, caller ID alerts, and voice prompts.

At $129.99, the SLIVER II is a little bit more expensive than we’d like; it’s not a deal-breaker but we’d love to see this closer to $99 if possible. It’s not the kind of Bluetooth headset that has mass consumer appeal but business users and those who find themselves constantly on the go will really enjoy the device.