October 30, 2014

Did you get jerked around by HTC's Trade Up program?


It’s a simple question – Are you getting jerked around by HTC’s Trade Up program for the HTC One? The reason we’re asking is because we’ve got a reader who has been given the runaround from HTC’s team for more than a few weeks now.


In what appears to be an ongoing game of “the check is in the mail”, our guy keeps getting the same formulaic replies.

Our records show your rewards card has been processed and mailed.  Please allow for normal mail delivery.  If you have not received your rewards card on or before August 22, 2013, please contact us.

After sending multiple inquiries to HTC to check the status of his rebate, Mr. Arnold is no closer to receiving his money than when he first set out. Here’s are excerpts from one of a number of emails we’ve received.

HTC seems to be delaying/reneging on their $100 HTC One rebate deal when you trade-in your old phone. I took advantage of the deal on day one, traded in my HTC Vivid, got a confirmed trade-in value of $100. Eventually I got a notification that my refund was in the mail…never came. I asked about it, they replied that a replacement would be sent…never came. It’s now been 15 weeks since I sent the phone in. – August 15

And as of last week…

Still no refund for my HTC Vivid after purchasing an HTC One during their “Trade-Up Program”. At this point, it feels more like a theft program, and I’m not sure what else to do. I mean, I gave them my phone for the $100 price they promised – with zero fulfillment on their end. Any ideas?

We’re looking to see if this is an isolated incident or whether you might be part of a larger group of people who are seeing the same treatment. We’re hoping for the former as this could really turn into a PR fiasco for HTC; the last thing those guys need lately is bad press.

Please, let us know if you ran into problems with the HTC Trade Up program or are experiencing trouble with it today.