Ingress updated to include new Agent Achievement system

Google’s Niantic Labs has released an update to its popular massively multiplayer mobile augmented reality game, Ingress. The new version brings about an Agent Achievement system which allows players to track skills and capabilities for their profile. Expected to roll out over the next few weeks, Ingress will introduce ten badges for tracking and earning.  

  • Explorer – Indicates a player’s visits and hacks of distinct portals.
  • Pioneer – Tracks the capture of distinct Portals
  • Liberator – Tracks the capture of all portals.
  • Purifier – Signals the number of Enemy Resonators destroyed.
  • Hacker – Indicates the number of portals hacked.
  • Guardian – Measures the ability to maintain control of a portal for an extended period of time.
  • Builder – Tracks Resonators deployed.
  • Seer – Indicates new Portals discovered and successfully submitted.
  • Connector – Signals the number of Portals linked.
  • Mind Control – Recognizes the creation of Control Fields.

The new achievement system not only provides players with the ability to track their own progress, but friends, in-games wins, and more.

Ingress is available now in the Google Play Store as a free download to Android devices. NOTE: The Ingress app is still in closed Beta, but an invite can be requested at

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