BBM for Android leaks; you can’t use it

BBM for Android beta

With only a few days left in the summer, time is running out on BlackBerry to meet its “summer release” launch timeframe for BBM on both iOS and Android.

With beta testing well underway, it’s been surprising the BBM for Android APK hadn’t leaked. Well, that’s changed, and the APK has leaked in the CrackBerry Forums. But there’s a problem — you need to be registered as part of the beta program in order to use it.

So basically what has leaked is the BBM for Android APK, complete with a login screen and that’s about it. Once you attempt to login with a BlackBerry ID, you’ll be asked to enter some personal information and then the app will fail to finish loading. It acts like it’s trying to connect to BlackBerry’s servers, but in the end nothing happens.

We do know the iOS version was submitted a few weeks ago to Apple’s review team, and with Google Play not requiring a review process, it’s safe to assume once Apple approves the iOS version, both versions will be published.

I’m optimistic we’ll see it sometime this week, how about you?