Firefox debuts new sharing feature in Android app


Are you the type who loves to share everything they come across when browsing the internet? Constantly sending your friends and families members recipes for quacamole or cheats codes for GTA 5? Check out the newly updated Firefox for Android as it features new enhancements for sharing across social media, email, and more.

On Android Firefox includes new features like Quickshare and NFC Bump that makes it easier for users to share their favorite Web content with family and friends. We also made improvements to our Reader feature. For developers, Firefox for Android now supports WebRTC, which enables real time video and file sharing in the browser.

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  1. […] The WebRTC (real time communication) protocol is a newer standard that promotes communication between browsers without having to rely on third party solutions to enable communication. With the addition of this protocol into the new version, Opera has joined the ranks of Firefox and Chrome who have been offering the protocol since last fall. […]