eReatah tackles reading with subscription service

eReatah tackles reading with subscription service

Looking for a new alternative to reading books on your Android smartphone or tablet? Consider eReatah, an upstart service which employs a subscription method as opposed to buying individual books.

Pricing starts at $14.99 per month (two books) and goes as high as $24.99 for four books downloads per month. When you consider that something like 70% of books are priced around $10 (or higher), the average cost with eReatah is definitely cheaper.

ereatah2I had a chance to speak with the eReatah team yesterday and they advised that any books you purchase under the plan will be yours to read, even if you cancel your plan. It’s essentially the same as having a magazine subscription; just because you cancelled doesn’t mean you cannot go back to the stuff you already own.

The library of books is already 90,000 strong and growing quite rapidly, however it’s not the full breadth you might find with others. It’s worth pointing out, though, that the entire catalog of Simon and Schuster are available immediately.

Indeed, the app looks great on both Android and iOS, and all of your typical features are present. Highlighting, searching, fonts, brightness, animations, sharing, and other details are found throughout. What really makes the service stand out, in my opinion, is the recommendation engine.

You’ll have to see it in person but I think you’ll appreciate the manner in which it learns you and your habits. Think in terms of how Netflix knows your movies and show preferences and can offer up recommendations and you’ll understand where it’s going. In fact, one of the guys who helped put this together comes from the Ensemble team. Another cool, semi-useful, feature is the ability to pair any two books together to see what their “baby” would look like. This is a unique way of discovering your next read and something that helps separate them from others.

You’ll find that eReatah operates as a beta service right now but everything I’ve come across feels fleshed out. Take a look at their website, read up on Google Play, and give it a shot. If you like it, and recommend it to others, you can earn $5 credit every time!

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