HTC rumored as CyanogenMod’s official hardware partner

UPDATE: Things are looking good for an OPPO announcement on September 23!

New water cooler chatter suggests that CyanogenMod will tap HTC as the official OEM partner of the CM phone.  A member of Ruliweb forums posits that this deal, which is expected to wrap soon, can be pieced together by a handful of HTC staff tweets. Couple that with the fact that both HTC Dev and Cyanogen both have Seattle offices and it sounds at least partially plausible.

We don’t have to tell you to tread lightly with this rumor, however it could make for interesting analysis.

If not HTC, then who?

For further fun, be sure to check out MobileBurn’s post on potential partners. Our friend Andrew Kameka puts odds on multiple hardware makers and he thinks it’s a long shot for HTC.

Sound interesting?

What’s your opinion of an HTC smartphone that runs CyanogenMod out of the box? Or, what do you think of a device that might allow for super- simple flashing of ROMs and updates? Would you consider something from smaller players who have not cracked that top tier?

Via Unwired View