Republic Wireless launching Motorola DVX next month?

Republic Wireless launching Motorola DVX next month?

Recently, we learned that Republic Wireless will be offering the Moto X without contract for just $299, however, now it seems it is not the only Motorola phone they are planning to launch. An image was uploaded by Bandwidth (Republic Wireless parent company) on Flickr of some kind of briefing – but it is the edited version. Folks over at Android Police got their hands on the original image, which revealed that Republic Wireless will also announce the Motorola DVX. Have a look:

motorola-dvx-republic-wirelessWhat we know about the Motorola DVX is that it is the low-end version of the Moto X, and it looks exactly like the high-end version. Hopefully, we will see it in October and probably with the price tag around $150-200 as it is the ‘cheap’ version of Moto X.

So far, if you are on Republic Wireless, which one will you pick? Moto X or DVX?

Source: Android Police

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