T-Mobile’s next big changes may include refurbished devices in-store

T-Mobile‘s Uncarrier strategy seems to be paying off for the carrier but that doesn’t mean they’re going to rest on their laurels. New rumors suggest a third phase of the Uncarrier initiative may include the stocking of refurbished devices in store. We’re not exactly sure what sort of problems this might cause or how inventory is stocked and replenished but, hey, whatever.

T-Mobile could also do away with deposits at the time of purchase, or so says TmoNews. Reportedly, T-Mobile could differentiate between “well” qualified customers and all others. The former would enjoy the perks of not having to fork over some up-front dough. Those making the migration over from MetroPCS aren’t used to paying deposits so this move would keep them from walking.

Also getting tossed in the mix is word that T-Mobile may also for free calls to Mexico.

Keep in mind that none of these are confirmed by the carrier and may simply be wishful thinking snowballed into whispers.

What do you say?

Do any of these rumors speak directly to you? If you could pick just one, which would it be?

TmoNews | TmoNews



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