How do I change the wallpaper?


Would you like to change that background image (wallpaper) on your phone to something different or more personal? That’s really easy to do and there are usually a few ways to do so. The first way we would recommend trying is to long press (tap and hold for a few seconds) on the home ...

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How do I lock my Android device?


Face it – you’ve got stuff on your phone that is invaluable to you and it would be a problem if it got into the hands of others. Okay, maybe you might not have something critical but it would still be a problem if someone were to get into your phone. What do you do... Read More

How do I toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc?


As nice as it is to have Wi-Fi, GPS, or Bluetooth running on our devices, it’s not always necessary. Every once in a while we need to turn on off or on to preserve battery or to connect with another device. Early and existing versions of Android allow for easy access and toggling of ...

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