March 5, 2015

Nexus 5 pricing rumored to be half that of iPhone 5S


The Nexus 5 will not only rival the iPhone 5S in hardware performance, but it should be half the cost of Apple’s flagship device. At least that’s what a source close to TechRadar said earlier this week.

The Nexus 5 is expected to debut and ship by the last week of October and should debut as the first Android 4.4 Kitkat smartphone.

The Nexus 4 upgrade will also be “half the price” of the iPhone 5S, which should make the Nexus 5 price land around £275 ($473 AUS, $446 US) and in line with Google’s low-price high-performance smartphone policy.

The source was only able to speak to UK shipping however the U.S. and other markets could see a similar time frame. Our source was referring to UK shipping though we fully expect the rest of the world to also be getting it soon after launch.


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  1. ThinkingBrian

    I would expect the price tag of the Nexus 5 to be $350 USD which is just over half the price of an iPhone 5S (iPhone 5S is $649 for 16GB to $849 for 64GB contract free).


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