AnTuTu releases Benchmark X Edition to fight score fraud

You probably heard the news last week Samsung had been found to be manipulating the scores of the Galaxy Note 3 benchmarks to appear in their favor. Any why not? Everybody else does it. Nevertheless, cooking the books is not new and it makes for difficult time trying to sort through the figures. Just about everyone in the industry looks for a way for their device to excel and creates reports and statistics around the numbers. AnTuTu Labs, hoping to make things more clear for end users and potential buyers, has released a new Benchmark X Edition.

We know every phone-maker hopes to adopt a Benchmark which is good for him, even to develop a Benchmark by themselves. But, AnTuTu Benchmark is not the advertising media of phone makers, we only do service for the users. Therefore, in order to give users a more current and real performance feedback, AnTuTu Labs will release a new X-version named AnTuTu X Benchmark.

Reportedly, the benchmark experience looks and acts the same as the other app, however its “camouflage tricks” keep it from manipulation.

Learn more at AnTutu’s website