Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 to get the waterproof ‘Active’ treatment


To the surprise of nobody, Samsung is rumored to introduce waterproof versions of its current Galaxy Note 3 and presumed Galaxy S5 smartphones. According to ETNews, Samsung has been very impressed with the sales and feedback for the Galaxy S4 Active and are working to introduce semi-rugged and water resistant variants for future flagships.

Look, we’re all for Samsung throwing its weight around and releasing a wide variety of device options, but we get the sense they could be smarter. Why not just make all versions of their iconic models waterproof like Sony and call it a day? It would be one more feather in the cap and could further differentiate from Apple and others. Sony doesn’t have a strong U.S. presence yet so we might assume it’s Samsung’s race to lose.

Does having a waterproof smartphone matter to you? Would you pay extra for the feature? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and feedback.

ETNews (translate)



  1. Making their flagships more durable and with better waterproofing sure wouldn’t hurt. I do wonder though how more ruggedness will impact the size, and thickness though. I’m sure a lot of people would opt for a sleeker, more stylish phone that they can cover up if need be than one that’s a bit more bulky. I think the water resistance on the Galaxy S3 for example was highly understated. You can’t submerge it, but it’s surprisingly resistant to spills. Heck, I’ve been caught halfway through a run in a rain storm and the S3 stood up to it just fine.