Little easter egg found Google Chrome for Android

Little easter egg found Google Chrome for Android

Bet you can’t limit yourself to just one of these!


Here’s a simple, albeit silly little “easter egg” found in Google Chrome for Android. Have you discovered this on your own yet?

  • Press the tab button
  • If you have multiple tabs open, close them all and leave just one
  • Slide your finger up 5 times on the bottom edge
  • Tap the tab and it will animate again

Cheers, Apeacarnalfame!

Check Out This Awesome Easter Egg On Google Chrome For Android.

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  1. hldc1
    October 09, 17:24 Reply

    Sorry to break the bad news, but the tab flip thing has been around a while. I think it has been around since early 2012.

  2. Rammstein
    October 09, 18:04 Reply

    You guys can’t be serious? This easter egg is super old.

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