LG’s battery tech helps make the newest curved displays possible

With all the news coming out about the latest devices with curved displays, there seems to be something lacking in one department: how those displays get their juice. LG is at the forefront of innovation in this arena, too, touting 3 options for those specially-shaped devices.

First off, we’ve got batteries that conform to a specific shape, rather than just a flat rectangle. Does it sound simple? Sure, but reality is, it isn’t as easy as one could think. Second, there’s what’s called a stepped battery, which is a relatively simple idea – a standard size battery, with a smaller rectangle with even more battery power stacked on top. Next up, there’s cable batteries. Now, this one is pretty cool: a cable that is able to hold a charge and store power for your device. Take a long enough cable and run it through your device, and you’ve got some innovation in your pocket.

With all these new and exciting features, what will be next? What do you think? Let us know below.

via androidbeat