Rumor du jour: Samsung Galaxy S5 to debut in January

Grab a bag of salt, this next one is a little bit “out there”. Ready?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could make its debut as soon as January, says Korean site Naver. Founded by former Samsung staff members, the site says the Galaxy S5 will be rushed out the door in wake of a slowdown in Galaxy S4 sales. Among other details, the smartphone is alleged to feature a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and a Samsung Exynos processor.

The Galaxy S4 is but a few months old and has already sold in excess of 20 million, so it’s hard to imagine Samsung being all that sore about its sales. What’s more, we’re heading into that busy buying season and carriers are likely to pull out some big discounts.

While we’d like to see a next-gen Samsung Galaxy S device as soon as possible, it’s probably not going to happen until at least spring.

Naver (translate)