New Nexus 7 ads: sad puppies and all-nighters

Check out the two videos embedded below which are used to promote the Nexus 7 and its Google Now features. One focuses on a guy who looks to get home for his dog Boomer while the other one centers around all-night reading and coffee. Both feel like they’re shortened versions of a longer ad; we assume this is a college kid who just moved out. As to Boomer’s status, we’re hoping he’s just sad and missing his buddy. Also, we need some resolution… does he get home and cheer the dog up? Come on, we need to know!

Hiding in Plain Sight?

Just for the sake of conspiracy theorists out there, we would like to point out the Wednesday, October 23 date. Just so happens to be accurate for 2013 (next week) and could provide the typical one-week time frame to save for a new device.