The 10 largest Android smartphone displays

The 10 largest Android smartphone displays

So you like your smartphone experience big, huh? No, we get it… that 4-inch stuff is not going to cut it any longer. We need our Android handsets to push in that 5-inch and 6-inch space because… why not?

Here’s a quick and dirty chart that sorts Android smartphones in order of display size. Like we did for the 10 highest rated Android’s post, we’ve pulled our information from FindTheBest. Keep in mind that not all of these are available as of today and that some of them are limited to specific markets. Nevertheless, you can definitely get a feel for what’s available today.

Note that this chart is dynamic and evolves over time. Bookmark it and return to it down the road to see what’s changed. Or, do your friends a solid and share it with them. They’ll appreciate you taking a proactive step in helping pick out their next smartphone.

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