Verizon rolls out LTE on AWS spectrum in key markets

Verizon has begun rolling out LTE in its AWS spectrum in key U.S. markets, according to new reports. Also used by T-Mobile, the spectrum gives the carrier more room to grow and expand the network to capable devices.  While Verizon hasn’t confirmed which areas have started getting the enhanced capacity, word is that New York is one of the markets. A GigaOm source claims to have pulled download speeds of 80Mbps with upload transfers pegged at 15Mbps.

Real-world speeds are likely to be much slower when the full breadth of devices are on the spectrum and Verizon (presumably) expands its user base.

“As our customers’ wireless data usage continues to grow, AWS spectrum is being deployed to ensure the continued consistent reliability and capacity of our 4G LTE network,” Verizon spokesman Tom Pica told FierceWireless. “Verizon Wireless has begun activating 4G LTE service on its AWS spectrum in many of our major markets across the US.  A limited number of devices are AWS capable at this time. We plan to push a software upgrade to other AWS-capable devices in the near future.”

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