New Sony phones could complete a wireless charge in an hour

New Sony phones could complete a wireless charge in an hour

Wireless charging isn’t really anything too terribly cutting edge. Qi Adapters have been around for a year or two, and are available for a plethora of devices. Now, however, Sony is aiming to make wireless charging faster –¬†much faster. As in, about an hour for a full charge.

Sony’s new wireless charging unit, which is based off of a new version of the Qi standard, is said to wirelessly transfer power at 10 to 15 watts. This ultimately cuts the charge time for most devices down to – you guessed it – approximately an hour.

While there is some concern about rocking that much power in a wireless transfer causing combustion, Rohm – a chip and power company involved in the new device – says that their chips are more than ready to handle the load.

The new family of chargers are set to hit Xperia phones in the second half of 2014.

via engadget

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