Niantic Labs partners with Abandoned NYC for new Field Trip content

Ever find yourself on the streets of New York, wondering what exactly it is you’re staring at? I mean, it looks like an old theater but it’s all run down and decrepit. Now you can find out, thanks to new content being integrated into Field Trip. The app, which comes from Google’s Niantic Labs, provides tons of great POIs and details about the world around. Be is sports, entertainment, landmarks, food and drink, or just tall buildings, it’s a great app to keep in your pocket.

Google’s Niantic Labs today announced a partnership with Abandoned NYC to deliver unique, underground information about NYC to Field Trip users on iOS, Android and Google Glass. Abandoned NYC is a captivating resource that transports their readers to mysterious locations in New York City’s five boroughs with photos, videos and forgotten history.

Download Field Trip for free from the Google Play Store.