Samsung to restrict unofficial accessories for future smartphones, rumor says

Samsung could go the route of Apple and begin restricting accessories to only licensed partners, according to new rumors.

Reportedly, Samsung will provide ID chips to companies to integrate with accessories such as batteries, chargers, and flip covers to help ensure compatibility and reliability.

Ever heard of a third party battery blowing up in a particular device? This could be the first steps to keep that from happening on Samsung’s watch. What’s more, it could eliminate those wonky chargers that don’t seem to work 100% of the time. Wireless charging capability is set to (hopefully) take off in the next year or so; Samsung will want to keep its reputation intact.

As each generation of device grows in popularity, accessory makers are making money off of Samsung’s smartphones and tablets. It stands to reason Samsung may want to get a taste of that action – or at least control the quality of products hitting the market.

On the downside of things, this would put Samsung in more control of what users can purchase. Should your favorite accessory maker not fall in line with Samsung’s rules or licensing terms you may not see them down the road. Worse yet, imagine them introducing a new charging standard for their products and not wanting to open their arms to other companies. It has happened in this industry before…

This is, of course, all unconfirmed and early conjecture. With that said, we might hope for Samsung to come clear on the rumor in the near future. If this proves true, we’d love to see a lengthy list of accessory partners.

Via SamMobile