T-Mobile offering 200MB/month free data with tablet purchases

T-Mobile on Wednesday detailed the second half of its Un-carrier Phase 3.0 program which sets tablets free. Literally.

Effective November 1, T-Mobile provide 200MB of free LTE data for each eligible device every 30 days. This deal works for both tablets you purchase through T-Mobile as well as those you already own. Should you already have an account with set monthly data, you’ll also scoop up the additional 200MB.

There’s no bait and switch, no trial period and no strings attached. T-Mobile is the only national wireless provider to offer tablet owners up to 200 MB of free 4G LTE data every month for as long as they own their tablet, even if they’re not yet a T-Mobile customer.

Unlike Simple Choice and more traditional plans, you won’t run the risk of going over your 200MB data. Your data is simply shut off and refreshed again once you hit the start of the next month. It’s also at the cut-off point that you’ll be given the option to switch over to a day pass, week pass, or your existing plan.

Daily passes include unlimited data with 500 MB of 4G LTE data starting at just $5. The weekly passes include unlimited data with 1 GB of 4G LTE data for $10. No caps. No overages. Just simple value.


Upcoming tablets

T-Mobile expects to offer at least two key Android-based tablets as part of the portfolio this year. Both the Nexus 7 2013 (due November 20) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (available now) will be sold with $0 down, spreading the overall cost over two years.

  • Google Nexus 7 (2013), Google’s flagship 7-inch LTE tablet, featuring a stunning 7-inch full HD display and virtual surround sound is built to deliver the best of Google in a slim, light and extremely portable tablet. T-Mobile today announced it will offer the Nexus 7 beginning Nov. 20 for $0 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $16.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 10.1, with its brilliant 10.1-inch display, lets customers take entertainment, like games, music, movies and social networking, on the go while taking advantage of T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is currently available for $0 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $19.